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2008-08-17 - Crankworx Canadian Open

I got up early this morning, and was on the chair by 10am with the intentions of getting 2 runs in on the race course before practice closed at 11am. My first run was fast and smooth and was a great warm up. On the second run I followed Arthur Gaillot down the course. Arthur and I seem to ride very similar runs, both of us use the entire trail in attempt to setup up wide into turns, avoid rough sections, and carry as much momentum as possible. It was a great last practice run, and I felt confident I could put in a good race run.

After practice we did a couple fun laps in the park, and then went for lunch. After lunch I geared up and headed to the top of the hill.

The whole Pro Mens field was chilling at the top trying to find shade, and was actually super fun relaxing with some of the fastest guys on the planet. Come race time I was surprisingly relaxed.

I sprinted off the top and felt great on the bike. That is until I made a big mistake on Upper Joyride where I got bounced off line. I scrubbed a bunch of speed to get back online and carried that mistake for a ways until I reached the new section of trail under the chair. I felt like I rode all the technical sections well, I railed the corners, and felt comfortable through the rough bomb holes and tight woods. In what seemed like a blur of cheering crowds I was exiting the steep rooty shoot of Lower Joyride. I hauled across the flats and into Monkey Hands. I was pinned through Monkey Hands and then out to the finishing section in the Bone Yard.

After crossing the line I saw my time was 3:34 and I was dissapointed about my mistake on Upper Joyride. I just felt like I was capable of a better time on the course ... but thats racing. I watched as the remaining racers came down and started realising that my time was actually very competitive. Once all the dust settled Sam Hill won with a ridiculous time of 3:09 and I wound up 26th. I hein sight I'm extremely happy with my result, to finish 26th in a field of that caliber is an achievment for me and a major improvement over my 49th placing last year.

On my race run, making my way through one of many tricky combination corners under the chair lift

2008 Crankworx Canadian Open DH Results

Arround 28 seconds there is a fantastic clip of me coming through the woods on Monkey Hands

I wanted to thank the organizers of Crankworx and the course builders for putting on a fantastic event. Crankworx 2008 was by far the best yet. The racing was well organized, the courses were fantastic, and the spectators were the best I've ever seen. I can't wait for next year!

And now for some clever comments:

Nice work Tim! - Erik, 2008-08-19, 11:07:48

That number 60 guy had by far the fastest line through that dusty woods section... props!

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