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2008-08-24 - Canada Cup Finals - Sun Peaks - Race Day

Once again Bryon and I went for breakfast at Bagg's Sweets in the Sun Peaks village. I wanted to get in three practice this morning. Thats more than I usually get, but the course isn't hard physically, and I wanted to get a couple sections dialled in.

My first practice run was good, but was just a warm up. My second run was fastastic, except for a mistake on the top section. My intentions for my third run was to really let the brakes go on the top section, and concentrate on holding speed through all the corners. I wound up riding into a few corners way too fast and blowing my exit, but that gave me a good idea of what a conservative speed should be. By the end of practice I felt comfortable with the course and knew I could do well if I nailed all my lines.

It was colder today than yesterday and we had a couple short periods of light rain. On the way up to the top for my race run the light rain returned, and didn't stop. While waiting at the top the light rain got steadily heavier and heavier. I was starting to worry about how the course was holding up. I could see most of the Elites were having problems with the second corner on the course.

I saddled up in the gate and sprinted into the first corner. The first corner was wetter than I expected, I brake checked, railed the turn and headed for turn 2. The second corner was slippery, it was wetter than in practice. I locked up braking in, got off the brakes and drifted the bike through the inside of the turn. I took turns 3 and 4 very carefully after seeing how slippery turn 2 was. After turn 4 though the course seemed drier and similar to practice. I felt really good through the top section, pedalled out onto over the road and tucked until after the creek gap. The rain seemed to have stopped, but was likely just that there was no rain falling at the lower elevations. The rest of my run was good, I nailed all my lines, and had no mistakes. I pedalled where I needed to pedal (which for me is never enough), and knew I had a good run crossing the finish line.

After the dust settled I came 11th of 44 Elites with a time of 3:47, which was 4 seconds slower than the winning time of 3:43. I was stoked on my result, especially being so close to the win. I know exactly where I lost the 4 seconds. Stand up performance by Curtis Robinson, who was the fastest guy on the mountain today with a time of 3:42, in Senior Expert ... nice work Cutties. My goal was to finish top 10 at a Canada Cup this year, and unfortunately I missed that goal, by 2 places, I still feel stoked on my result because there were a bunch of Crankworx left overs that raced this Canada Cup. Even though I came 11th I was still the 5th Canadian rider in Elite.

Sun Peaks Canada Cup Race Results

Coming into the finish during my race run - Photo by Dave Mackie

Awesome photo on one of the toughest corners on the course - Photo by Danielle Baker

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