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2009-05-11 - The Rat Race Day

We all got up relatively early this morning. I started the day at Starbucks with a delicious coffee and treats. We loaded up Brian's gigantic truck and headed to the race site. We got registered up, where I found out I had been selected to wear the #1 plate for the day. Needless to say I got none stop hassled all day for the #1 plate.

We headed for the shuttles, and managed two good shuttle runs before the end of practice. I timed my second practice run and ran a smooth 2:55. Now it was time to get some lunch, relax, and watch some racing.

Usual pits graffiti on Brian's truck

Gordo's car and some nice looking race bikes

Cleaning up my bike before my race run - Photo by: Andrew Summers

Gordo on his race run

Tristan getting low on his race run

Watched and cheered on as many racers as I could before Daryl and I had to head up for our runs. We geared up, and shuttled to the top. For some reason I was really nervous for this race. I was nervous because I had proven to myself during practice what time I should set, and I knew I'd be disappointed if I live up to my own expectation. Regardless we cruised over to the start area. The Elite field was assembled and heading down the course at 1 minute intervals. All the guys leaving the start gate were hauling ass down the trail out of view. With the #1 plate I was the last of the Elites to leave the start gate.

The nervousness I felt in the shuttle truck on the way up evaporated as soon as I put that pedal stroke in to leave the start gate. My race run was epic fun, I hit all my lines, and made very few minor mistakes. I knew when I got the bottom I had had a good run, but I had no idea how it was going to hold up against the stacked Elite field.

Having so much fun on my race run

Results came in and I was elated to see I came 2nd in Elite with a 2:52, a second back from the win. Kristian Short threw down a scorching time of 2:51. Nice work buddy! The surprise of the day came from Stubs, who kicked all our asses with a 2:50 ... without a chain. Major respect Stubs, I can't even comprehend how you pulled that off.

The Elite Mens Podium

Rat Race Results here

The John Henry had a great showing at the Rat Race this year. We all rode extremely well, and more than that represented our sponsors and John Henry Bikes well. Nice work boys!

A write-up of the John Henry Team here
A cool video of the race show casing some John Henry Race Team talent

Cheers to Brian, Martin, Richard and Daryl, you guys were awesome travel mates for the week-end. Good laughs had by all!

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