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2009-07-26 - Bear Mountain BC Cup Race

I woke up early this morning and headed out to the race site. My hope was that by out there half an hour before the shuttles started that I might have a chance of getting in 2 shuttles.

Seems as though after the long shuttle lines yesterday that everyone had the same idea. Shuttles were due to start at 9am, and there was already a lengthy line formed when I arrived at 8:30am.

I got in a good practice lap, nailed all my lines, even though the course was fairly wet from lasts night thunderstorm. I got back in line hoping to get in a second practice run, but just missed the last shuttle truck by a couple riders. One practice run this morning would have to do.

While waiting for out race time Ewan, Dan and I headed up on the shuttle truck and hiked down the course. The course wasn't drying out as quickly as we'd hoped, especially considering how hot it was. The rain did help the course in some regards, the dirt had fantastic grip, but the rock and roots were very slick.

My race run was rather messy unfortunately. I rode the top section fairly well, hit all my lines. From the about mid course down I made a series of mistakes that ruined my momentum. I just tried a little too hard, and lost time by trying to carry too much speed into turns. I made a conscious effort to style out the crowd pleaser jumps at the bottom. Then the nail in the coffin for my run was slipping off line through a fast rocky piece of trail that goes into a quick left hand turn. I had to come to a near stop to make the turn.

At the end of the day I came 9th of 21 Elites, with a time of 3:55, which was 8 seconds slower than Ewan's winning time. Then came awards and lots of people went for a swim in Pill Pond. As always the Bear Mountain Challenge was a great event, on a great course.

2009 Bear Mountain BC Cup Results
Race Run Photo by George Porteous
Race Run Photo by Dave Mackie
Race Run Photo by Kirtus DeFehr
A great photo from practice by Dave Mackie
Practice Photo by George Porteous

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