Quick Post

February 23, 2011

So this new WordPress website seems to enable me to make updates quickly and effectively. We’ll have to see how things go.

As an update, I’ve been out riding lots this winter. The week-ends have generally been quite nice weather wise, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my new Norco Range 1.

2011 Norco Range 1

This here Norco Range is proving to be rather quick whether pointed towards the peaks or the valleys. I’ve been doing some longer riders as of late. Check out this ride that was tracked using my handy iPhone.

Seymour Mountain Ride 2011-02-19

Now that posting updates is much easier, and I’m having to worry less about good for nothing computer hackers I’ll be attempting to update more often.


2011 Begins

February 6, 2011

Some of you might have noticed that my site got hacked … again. Gahhh I’m so tired of internet hackers seriously, don’t you people have something better to do? It wasn’t even a very good hack, nor a very interesting website. He must be some sort of hacker drop out. This muppet just managed to delete my last two posts and put some bunk ass redirect to his lame Matrix themed “I just hacked you” page. Then the icing on the cake is that I quite liked the last mega update I made (hence why it was up for so long), and he erased it, and to add insult to injury he changed the title to “Hacked Bitch”. Luckily for me however, I kept a copy of it on my computer, so I just re-uploaded. I did loose one update though, but I can’t remember what it was about. Woops. Anyways, sod off hacker man.

So since I’ve written last I’ve been rather busy. Mostly with non-riding related stuff, but it’s somewhat worth writing about. I went into work one day to find out that a machine I worked on had a failure at a refinery in Montana (and no it wasn’t my fault). Cut a long story short it was Thursday night, the refinery needed a part right away and with a courier the earliest they’d get the part was the following Monday morning, which was unacceptable. So a colleague of mine and I jumped in the Element and drove 13 hours straight from Vancouver to Great Falls Montana. Great Falls’ claim to fame is being really really far from any sort of city, so they have their very own little refinery that supports the surrounding farmers’ tractors. Luckily for us the drive was uneventful (besides the USA border that was not stoked on our lack of paperwork style) and we made it to the refinery site by noon on Friday. We helped install the part, had an awesome steak dinner, enjoyed a beverage at a popular local watering hole, and got some much needed sleep. Vasyl and I woke up and drove the 13 hours back home. Some noteables are; central and eastern Washington are the most boring places in the World, Leavenworth is the weirdest town ever, Montana speed limits rule, Coeure d Arlene is very pretty but not worth the drive, if you like ghost towns the US2 between Spokane and Wenatchee is a great bit of road and why do all small Washington towns feel the need to put the first letter of the towns name on the hill side?

The day I got back from this adventurous trip I was told that I was “temporarily” laid off. Awesome, no problem on driving for freaking ever to help you out. I got to searching for work quick, and luckily found a new awesomer job at Teleflex Canada as a product designer in two and a bit weeks. I’ve been at Teleflex since and thoroughly enjoying it. As one door closes, two often open, and I couldn’t be happier.

Riding wise I’ve been out on the bike a lot and generally just having loads of fun out in the woods. I’ve got some interesting gear from the folks at NSMB.com, so keep your eyes peeled for my reviews on the site in the coming weeks. I’ve also been doing some work with the guys from Norco and throwing a leg over some of the new stuff that’s coming down the pipe. As a result my all-mountain bike for 2011 will be one of these:

Norco Range 1 – One all mountain ass kicking machine

I also got a new digital camera, so I’m going to be trying to take some higher quality images for my website, reviews, and travels. I’ll try and post up some images for critique.

I’m hoping Vancouver receives less of this through the early part of 2011 so I can keep on biking in the woods

Something New.

February 2, 2011

Some of you may have noticed that I was having some issues with a variety of “hackers” that were continually ruining my site. I have a present for you hackers:

I decided to up the security of my ramblings by switching my site to WordPress, which should be more reliable. Let me know if you like the new site, and what you’d like to see. I’ll slowly be moving content from the old site onto the new one.