Who is Tim Coleman? I’m a 28 year old mountain biker from Vancouver British Columbia. I’m a mechanical engineer during the week, and spend my week-ends riding and racing through out the province. I’ve been riding since 2002, racing since 2003, and raced in the Pro / Elite category since 2007. For 2011 I plan to race all the BC Cups, selected North West Cup races in Washington, selected Island Cup races, Canada Cups in BC, and the Canadian Nationals.


For the first time in my racing career I’ll be racing for a cause. John Henry Bikes and the race team are looking to donate a goal of 100 bikes and kids camps to 100 underprivileged kids. The focus is on providing opportunities for kids who, otherwise, could never have a bike or access to kids camps. Check out my webpage and if possible please support us: http://www.4whatmatters.com/champion/champion.aspx?asset=326


Besides just riding and racing I am involved with a variety of cycling companies assisting in product design and development. I have a unique skill set in that I do product design as a career, am perceptive of how a bike performs, and also capable of pushing cycling components to their performance limit. Additionally I occasionally write reviews for www.NSMB.com:


Photo By: Rob Stead

Posing on Cypress Mountain


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  1. james said

    hey Tim.

    so you pick up emails from this site? i was wondering if you would answer me some questions about forks, especially coil forks. i’m picking up what you’re putting down with your thoughts on coil vs air forks and had a couple questions.

    thanks, James

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