North West Cup #3

May 13, 2012

After the relatively successful trip to Port Angeles 4 weeks ago I was pumped to head back down for the third North West Cup. This time Andrea was going to join. We had a great trip down on Friday night, and had Aja, Kevin and Taylor stay with us at Super 8 Motel … classy.


Once again Pro practice wasn’t until the afternoon, so Andrea and I took the morning to check out the farmers market, walk along the ocean and enjoy some coffee. Quite civilized really for a sort of red neck town. Once again practice went really well. I managed to figure out a good line down the track, which was composed of all my favourite bits from the previous races I’d done here.


Come race day I was full of energy after yesterdays runs. My first practice run was great, and I was looking forward to seeding. My plan for seeding was to ride a little harder than usual. I generally cruise my seeding runs, but I figured I’d basically try a race run. Through what is probably the fastest part of the course I somehow lost control of the bike and wound going over the bars into a tree. Once the crashing came to a stop I was winded, but managed to drag myself back up to my bike, remove it from the tree and keep the track clear for Rob behind me. Once I got my breathe back I decided nothing was broken, but left elbow was throbbing. Turns out I managed to puncture my elbow through my elbow pad. It looked like the exit wound from a tiny bullet. I got the first guy to patch me up, got filled with vitamin I and relaxed for my race run.


Mentally the crash didn’t bug me much, but physically I felt stiff and sore come race time. I left the start gate feeling stiff, and wooden, and struggled to find my flow. I nailed a couple sections really well and slowed started to loosen up. The further down the course the better I felt, the pain in my elbow subsiding, the logical nagging to avoid further injuring my left arm disappearing. I railed into the largest spectator section and nailed my line perfectly … right up until I jumped clean off the track and wound up outside a crucial left berm. DAMMIT. I bumped into a tree, picked my bike back into the trail and pedalled off. I lost a bunch of time in my costly mistake and wound up mid pack (22nd). I was bummed I didn’t hold my run together knowing how well I was riding in practice, and how much I enjoyed the track, but I was glad I didn’t get more hurt in my crash, and I had a solid time given the magnitude of my mistake.


On my race run after my mistake and back on track.



On my race run. Drooped elbows clearly showing I wasn’t having the best day.


NW Cup 2012 Round 3 Results